Do you have visions for a sustainable society and are looking for support in implementing them?

Together, we create possible sustainable futures.

We accompany you from the idea generation to realization. With creative-empathetic methods, we identify needs, design courageous solutions, and consider all actors – whether human, plant, or technology. Our approach is cooperative, critical, and holistic.


In projects for common good, we focus particularly on projects that strengthen social values. Examples include the communication strategy for ecological film series and the development of workshop formats on sustainability. Our work in education reflects our deep connection with the community. Among our favorite topics in our projects are the digitalization of funding plans, digital conference centers, and virtual platforms for doctoral candidates.

Eine Auswahl von farbenfrohen Karten mit Cartoon-Tierfiguren und Text. Einige Karten tragen Titel wie "Das Kommentieren", "Zusammen Zuhause Quartett", "Bitte erklären" und "Rückmeldung". Einige Karten sind mit der Rückseite nach oben zu sehen, man erkennt ein Muster aus kleinen Figuren. Das Logo vom "BUND" ist auf einer der Karten abgebildet.
Blick über die hügelige grüne Landschaft im Umland von Kapstadt unter einem Himmel mit Wolken und einem großen Regenbogen.
  • Project

    The Together-At Home Card Game

    The Together-at-home cards is an interactive, didactic card game designed to facilitate and enrich digital webinars for participants and trainers alike.

    • Partners: BUND
    • Topics: Diversity and Interaction
    • Key Actors: Trainers (BUND) and Federal Volunteer Service participant (Bufdis)
    • Outputs: Card Set
    The Together-At Home Card Game
  • Project

    Communication strategy for an eco-event series

    Based on observations, interviews and participatory workshops, we developed a holistic communication strategy for a film festival that was target group-specific ensured its success and wider resonance.

    • Partners: Ökofilmtour (FÖN e.V.)
    • Topics: Education and New Work
    • Key Actors: Host, Visitors, and Volunteers
    • Outputs: Documentation and Strategy Workshop
    • Ort: Berlin
    • Timespan: October 2022 – June 2023
    Communication strategy for an eco-event series
  • Project

    Taking a walk for sustainability

    Sitting around discussing climate crises can be oppressively disengaging. So, for the ARUA Climate Change and Inequalities Symposium, we wanted to give participants some agency with an innovative audio walk. It actively gets conference participants out of their seats and on their feet by illustrating the challenges of climate change and global inequality with various narratives embedded in the surroundings. By combining a unique auditory experience with a relaxing stroll, audio walks can boost engagement and a feeling of agency.

    • Partners: ARUA Climate Change and Inequalities Symposium 2023, Kapstadt
    • Topics: Sustainability, Diversity, Ecological Justice, and Climate Change
    • Key Actors: Researcher and Conference Participants
    • Outputs: Field Estimeter
    • Timespan: February 2023
    Taking a walk for sustainability

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Alex is head of strategy at KITE. He possesses extensive expertise in the area of concept development and design methodology of User Experience Design, and he integrates this into KITE's project work. Against the backdrop of digitalized networking and assisting technologies, he primarily addresses audience- and context-oriented design in his work. This includes intelligent services, mixed reality, and machine learning technologies, as well as cross-platform interaction and GUI design.

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