Escape Game about AI

  • Partners: FH Potsdam, Uni Potsdam, and mibb
  • Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Concept, and Education
  • Key Actors: Researcher, Designer*innen, and Visitors
  • Outputs: Escape Room
  • Timespan: November 2020 – August 2021

We jointly developed an escape game on the topic of artificial intelligence. The concept and implementation was carried out in collaboration with the European Media Studies (EMW) course in cooperation with the Babelsberg Media Information Center and the University and FH Potsdam. Participants included students and faculty as well as potential visitors.


Eine kleinteilige, musterartige Illustration von elektronischen Geräten und Technologieelementen, darunter Computer, Tablets, Schaltkreise und verschiedene Benutzeroberflächen, die alle miteinander verflochten und vernetzt sind.

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers impressive promise but also frightening risks. Our aim with participatory game was to promote a basic understanding of this technology and to highlight different approaches and implementation options. The escape game conveys the possibilities and dangers of artificial intelligence interactively, through solving puzzles. For those who will be developing user-friendly AI of the future, we proposed a design-driven AI approach whereby people are actively involved in the development process in order to increase acceptance and enable people-centered applications. The interactive game teaches the advantages and disadvantages of AI through solving puzzles.

Interactive Education

Ein illustriertes Arbeitszimmer bei Nacht mit einem orange leuchtenden Radio, Kopfhörern, einer Spirallampe, einer großen Flasche, einem Computer mit blauem technischen Bildschirm und einem gelben Notizblock mit Skizzen und Text.

The game isn’t just entertaining – it’s educational.

The combination of puzzles and information units gives players a profound insight into the world of AI.

The experience aims to strike a balance between fun and learning and encourage players to think about the potential and limitations of AI. The interactive format also promotes teamwork and critical thinking.

A memorable experience

Blau leuchtende, mit LEDs bestückte Kuppel auf einem Sockel vor einer Spiegelfläche, eine Hand die den Sockel berührt.

The escape game called AI.CUBE opened in fall 2021 and could be played at MIZ Babelsberg through March 2022, with prior registration. The escape room was then relocated to the TH Wildau for three months and then to the FH Potsdam university offices in Luckenwalde. It garnered attention at various events there and quickly became an award-winning highlight for students and technology enthusiasts

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Marie Beuthel (she/her)

She is a UX Researcher and ensures that people and their contexts are involved in development processes through design research methods. In doing so, she observes and analyzes human-machine interactions and develops concepts based on needs. She coordinates tasks within project work – currently within medical technology projects. Other focal points are in the areas of health, digital education, industrial manufacturing processes, and New Work. She is also responsible for a functioning infrastructure within the KITE team. In parallel, Marie is pursuing a doctorate on the topic of participatory design of authentication technologies and is developing process-accompanying tools for interdisciplinary teams.

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