For an innovation to take off, we need to source enough knowledge beforehand to help our clients to make the right decisions. We bring together multi-layered and multiple points of view in each of our projects.

Most importantly:

1) User perspective

2) Environmental and societal impact of a product or process

3) Market angle

4) Foresight – the long view of the future

We fit innovation processes together – together with our clients. Certain values are particularly important to us. We want an inclusive society based on solidarity and are committed to environmental protection and the rights of future generations. We work on most of our projects in the areas of future scenarios, new forms of work, digitalization, sustainability and health.

A selection of our projects

Mainly technology companies, but also other organizations, are the beneficiaries of our innovation process expertise. We focus on experience of the user, whether she is a patient receiving an innovative radiology procedure or more playful stuff like escape games made more challenging by artificial intelligence.

Our range of experience remains broad, from security technology to modern working environments and sustainable innovation.

Ein Bild in dem aus der Draufsicht Beispiele für Papierprototypen für das Projekt gezeigt werden.
  • Project

    Strengthening pupils

    How is it possible to make the digitalization process of funding plan creation inclusive and to optimize the networking of all participants?

    • Partners: Inklusion Digital GmbH
    • Topics: UX Research and Education
    • Key Actors: Special Needs Teacher and Teacher
    • Outputs: Product Vision, Styleguide, and UX-Concept
    • Ort: Berlin
    • Timespan: October 2021 – February 2022
    Strengthening pupils
  • Project

    User Experience for Medical Technology

    We are collaborating with Siemens Healthineers AG to refine radiological approaches in computed tomography and interventional radiology. Through in-depth studies, interviews, observations and data analysis, we focus on improving both diagnostic and interventional procedures as well as the overall patient experience in these medical fields.

    • Partners: Siemens Healthineers
    • Topics: Medical Technology, Hygiene, Security, and Health
    • Key Actors: Radiologists, Cardiologists, and Techs
    • Outputs: Concept and Product Vision
    • Timespan: April 2021 – December 2023
    User Experience for Medical Technology

For each project we use the appropriate method. Here you can find a short overview.



And now?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific concerns – we are happy to assist you and create a personalized roadmap for you.

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Anne Wohlauf (she/her)

Anne is responsible for everything related to HR and has been ensuring the realization of upcoming projects and the strategic development of the company since the beginning. With her skills in implementing user interfaces, digital products at KITE can be realized with high quality, and the associated responsibility for quality assurance and aesthetics. She has been working on research and freelance projects since 2008, in which she explores possible futures of human-machine interaction. Depending on the scenario, context, resources, and user group, the studied interface designer proposes appropriate concepts and technologies for implementation - whether it's a "classic" graphical user interface, augmented reality, control via gestures, voice, gaze, or the use of machine learning principles. In doing so, she builds on the knowledge of those involved, existing structures, as well as established rituals and best practices in the respective and related industries. She has so far planned and executed projects in the areas of digital education, health, e-governance, living, industrial manufacturing processes, and communication technologies.

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