Communication strategy for an eco-event series

  • Partners: Ökofilmtour (FÖN e.V.)
  • Topics: Education and New Work
  • Key Actors: Host, Visitors, and Volunteers
  • Outputs: Documentation and Strategy Workshop
  • Ort: Berlin
  • Timespan: October 2022 – June 2023

We collaborated with the Ökofilmtour, a renowned festival of environmental and nature films in Brandenburg, which screens films on current ecological and social challenges at numerous locations in rural areas. It holds events at over 70 different locations in Brandenburg. Recently, the need arose to review and revamp the existing communication strategy in the wake of a management change and shift of direction for the festival. Intense contextual research was the first step: attending various events, conducting observational studies and interviews.

Bei diesem Bild wird eine Gruppe Menschen gezeigt, die Workshopaufgaben bearbeiten.

This enabled us to analyze the current situation in depth. From here, we invited the festival coordinators to a co-creation workshop where we developed strategies and actions together. We comprehensively evaluated and clearly documented the valuable findings in order to improve our target-group approach.

Future Visioning Workshop

The result of the workshop was an improved communication strategy that focuses on stronger target-group loyalty and improved regional cooperation with the aim of expanding the target group. Our resulting “user journey” offers detailed insight into the needs of the various stakeholders throughout the phases of preparation, festival and follow-up. An additional concept was put together for a pop-up station to address the needs of the locals as well as a communication network to strengthen appreciation.

Das Ergebnis des Workshops war eine verbesserte Kommunikationsstrategie, die eine stärkere Zielgruppenbindung, verbesserte regionale Zusammenarbeit und eine Erweiterung der Zielgruppe in den Fokus rückt. Die von KITE vorgestellte "User Journey" bietet einen detaillierten Einblick in die Bedürfnisse der verschiedenen Akteure während der Vorbereitung, Durchführung und Nachbereitung des Festivals. Zudem wurde ein Konzept für eine Pop-Up Station entwickelt, die lokale Bedürfnisse aufgreift und ein Kommunikationsnetzwerk vorschlägt, um die Wertschätzung unter den Beteiligten zu stärken.

What now?

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